About Parking at and near the Gaelic League

parking sign

parking sign

Parking for Santa’s is very limited at the Gaelic League Saturday.  Apparently, they do not own the adjacent lots and access is limited or non-existent because those lots around the Irish Gaelic League are now fenced in.

If you park in another lot, side street or on Michigan ave, please Do Not leave anything of value in your car.  We encourage you to Secure your vehicle. If you can not find parking try one of the garages downtown and Uber over to the Gaelic League.

Remember Santarchy is partnered with Uber on getting FREE rides for new Uber users. Use the code SANTARCHY2015 for your free ride. Already a user, have your friend download the app.

And what if you’re not one of those Uber friendly types?  No worries mate.  Just do it the old fashioned way and give Checker Cab a call.  They’re right nearby and ready to give you a ride: 313-963-7000.