Bus Departure Info 2017 (updated 12/3)

flame throwing bus

flame throwing bus

This post was updated on Sunday, December 3rd.  If you do not want to drive, we do have satellite pickup locations for Santa’s. Most stops are the same as last year, although we have eliminated the Monroe as a departure point this year, but have have added a new one in Wyandotte.

So, if you are near one of the satellite departure locations, you can park your car there and ride the bus downtown. Then you can ride your same can bus back at the end of the night.

We like to have fun. But we want EVERYONE to be safe and to eliminate as much driving as possible that night, since rumor has it, a few of you like to drink.

Please have an alternate plan:

If you are hoping to ride the bus from one of the satellite locations, understand that the buses do have a limited capacity and there is no pre-sale of bus passes for the satellite locations. Passes are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Once the bus has reached capacity, that’s it for riding it to the event, and then back to the satellite location at the end of the night. If you can’t fit on a bus at one of our departure points, have another way down to the Gaelic League. You can still purchase a pass there, and you will still be able to ride the buses and shuttle from bar to bar. You just won’t be able to ride to and from the remote locations.

So remember, there is no pre-sale of these passes. Please do not call or ask the bars listed below for passes or tickets as they are not selling them.

Satellite Locations for 2017:

  • Ferndale – Zeke’s Rock’n’Roll BBQ – 240 W. 9 Mile Rd – 6:30, 6:45 & 7:00 pm departures
  • Livonia – K of C Hall – 19801 Farmington Rd – 6:30 pm departure
  • Dearborn – Biergarten – 22184 Michigan Ave – 6:30 pm departure
  • Plymouth/Canton – Plymouth Roc – 1020 Ann Arbor Rd – 6:30pm departure
  • Downriver/Southgate – Mallies Bar – 19400 Northline Rd – 6:30 pm departure
  • Wyandotte – Joe’s Hamburgers – 3041 Biddle Ave. – 6:30pm departure
  • Warren/Roseville – Johnny B Good’s – 26230 Groesbeck Hwy – 6:30 pm departure
  • Ypsilanti – Tap Room – 201 W. Michigan Ave – 6:30pm departure

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