Bus Passes

flame throwing bus

flame throwing bus

If you are interested in riding one of the buses (instead of driving) from your area to the downtown starting point, Here’s the BUS PICK UP LIST for Detroit Santarchy 2015!!!  The actual participating Pub Crawl Bars will be announced the day of the event.

Please RSVP to one of the bus events we have set up on Facebook so we can get an accurate count of how many Santa’s will be needing a ride down.  The bus event links for Facebook can be found at the end of this post.

All buses are on a first come first served basis so get there early enough and buy that pass! We recommend 5:30-6:30pm. We’ve always been able to fit everyone on board but keep a plan B in place just in case.  Even if you miss out on purchasing a pass and riding one of the buses from a remote location, you can  purchase bus passes at The Gaelic League anytime after 7pm the night of the event.

Having said that, a fun Santa would never have a problem offering up lap space to a Santa’s helper or squeezing together a bit more than on a typical city bus…. Keep it fun and respect your fellow Santas even though they may appear inebriated and unintelligible. Anyways…here’s the list.

BUS PASSES ARE $20 each.

  • Ypsilanti – (Tap Room) 201 W. Michigan Ave. (1 bus if enough santas show interest)
  • Ferndale – (Zeke’s) – 240 W. 9 Mile Road – (3 buses) – 6:45*
  • Livonia – (K of C Hall) – 19801 Farmington Rd – (2 buses) – 6:30*
  • Dearborn – (New Place Lounge) – 22723 Mich Ave – (2 buses) – 6:45*
  • Monroe – (129 Lounge) – 129 E. Front St – 6:30* (one bus)
  • Plymouth/Canton – (The Plymouth Roc) 1020 Ann Arbor Rd. 6:45* (one bus)
  • Downriver/Southgate – (Mallies Bar) – 19400 Northline Rd – 6:45* (2 buses)
  • Warren/Roseville – (Johnny B Good’s) – 26230 Groesbeck Hwy, Warren – 6:30* (one bus)
    *bus departure time

All buses head to the Irish Gaelic League 2068 Mich. Ave, Detroit.
Around 8:00-9pm the buses will start to spread out to the 12+ bars. From that point with your bus pass you can ride ANY of the chartered buses.

Once we evenly spread out you freaks, the buses will start a bus route stopping at EVERY bar. Keep in mind you may not go to the bar you want initially so just stay on or hop on another bus once they start the route. With tons of buses this year the bus wait time should only be 5-10 minutes maximum. Let Santas get off the bus at each stop before you try and stuff your chubby lil rosey red cheeks back on the bus. We really need to keep loads down to under 20 Santas to keep things moving. There will be another bus right around the corner!

Just make sure at the end of the night you find the bus you rode in on and take it back home. There will be signs in the window letting you know your origination city.  Please get back to the Gaelic League by 1:30-1:40am  to make this happen.

Once again, we will have chaperones on each bus.  So make sure they can see your pass or you won’t be allowed to board.

Please share this info.
~ Santa