Something Liquored This Way Comes



detroit santarchy 2016 begins

The liquoring…  It’s coming. With the night air getting chillier, you know in your bones that Detroit Santarchy is not far off.

Basically, this is the first post of the year.  If you have forgotten how it works because of some alcohol induced blackout from last year’s event, or if this is your first time, fear not.  This website is the place where you you discover the questions about Detroit Santarchy that riddle your mind.

Now keep in mind, this site sits dormant for most of the year and Santa doesn’t really even look at emails until about now.  Santa also knows that the 2016 Detroit Santarchy is wrapped in a dense fog and you want to know what is going on.  All Santa can tell you today is be patient.  The fog will lift and all will be clear. 

For now, Santa and his helpers have work to do prepping things.   Info will start to pop up on this site just after Thanksgiving.  For now, know that the date it happens is on Saturday, December 17, 2016.