Detroit Santarchy in 2020?

Detroit Santarchy 2020 - Is it to be

As you all know, Detroit Santarchy for 2020 was cancelled.  So let’s try for one in 2021.  But always keep in mind that when it comes to politicians, and it doesn’t matter whether they have stripes or spots, that as long as they can think, we’ll have our problems.

The burning question is: Will there be a Detroit Santarchy in 2020? With all of the shit that has been swirling around the toilet bowl known as the coronavirus, the answer is a very definite, solid and as sure as we can be… maybe.

From the bars, to the buses, to all the Santas and Santa-ettes, to government officials and their edicts, there are a lot of moving pieces.  Perhaps, if stockings are hung on the mantle with care, in the hopes that Santa will soon be there… to you know… stuff them full of small unmarked bills, that will be enough to get things going.  Who knows?

As of now, we are going ahead with the idea that this can happen.  With all of the pent up energy, I’m sure we could all use a night to blow off some stress from this past year.

Just know that you can count on us to let you know when we know.  That’s all I know.  So stay tuned to this same bat channel for the real news.

Hack… Hack… Cough… Cough…