Share Your Photos

share your photos

How about sharing photos with us?  We have a permanent archive at our website: and we would like to display your pictures too. Please send pictures you would like to share with the website to: santarchist at detroitsantarchy dot com. You can send them there either by email or text message.

There was a time the mailbox could get over run with pics now that they can be so big, but that shouldn’t be a problem any more because we have an unlimited mailbox now. Send them big.

Don’t worry about cropping anything for us, we can do that later if it’s necessary. The biggest problem with pictures that are shared are the ones that are blurry. Some can be fixed so that they are acceptable, but sometimes there isn’t anything we can do, especially if they are already sized at 400px or something similarly small. Please don’t shrink them.

We’re not looking for professional quality, we want spontaneous pictures of Santa and his helpers in their natural habitat. You know… the drinking frenzy at the watering hole. Group pix can be best because we’d like to show as many of you as possible. But it’s not an absolute.  Pics that capture a herd of Santas and Santas’ helpers are cool too.

If you don’t already know our email address, please use the contact form at:, and we will share with you how to send us your pictures.