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The News

flame throwing bus

Bus Departure Info 2017 (updated 12/3)

This post was updated on Sunday, December 3rd. If you do not want to drive, we do have satellite pickup locations for Santa’s. Most stops are the same as last year, although we have eliminated the Monroe as a departure point this year, but have have added a new one ...
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And Detroit Santarchy 2017 begns

Don’t Panic! There is a Detroit Santarchy for 2017

Ho! Ho! Ho! Boys and girls… As a very famous book has printed on its cover: DON’T PANIC! Detroit is going to have its Santarchy again. The reason you haven’t seen anything about it up until now, is Santa’s just been very, very busy. Anyway… Here is what you need ...
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santas follow the rules

No Fisticuffs: Be on Your Good Behavior

Let’s face it, lots of Santas mixed with alcohol and other pleasure enhancers can sometimes equal bad vibes and bad behavior. The Detroit Santarchy has a good reputation. Remember, we are guests at the establishments where we will be imbibing a drink or two. Stay cool. Stay friendly. And most ...
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Things to Know

share your photos

Share Your Photos

How about sharing photos with us?  We have a permanent archive at our website: http://detroitsantarchy.com and we would like to ...
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Have a Designated Driver

Have a Designated Driver

Hey man! Aren’t you my ride? !!!! It’s all about the designated driver. Remember, it’s okay to be the fun ...
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Visit Santarchy Past

Santarchy Past

Do we have pictures from Detroit Santarchy in years past? Hell yeah we do. Check them out. You can navigate ...
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