Don’t Panic! There is a Detroit Santarchy for 2017

Ho! Ho! Ho! Boys and girls…  As a very famous book has printed on its cover: DON’T PANIC!  Detroit is going to have its Santarchy again.  The reason you haven’t seen anything about it up until now, is Santa’s just been very, very busy. Anyway… Here is what you need to know today.  Mostly because […]

No Fisticuffs: Be on Your Good Behavior

Let’s face it, lots of Santas mixed with alcohol and other pleasure enhancers can sometimes equal bad vibes and bad behavior.  The Detroit Santarchy has a good reputation.  Remember, we are guests at the establishments where we will be imbibing a drink or two.  Stay cool.  Stay friendly.  And most importantly, don’t be a Captain […]

Bus Info 2016

If you do not want to drive, our satellite pickup locations for Santa’s will be largely the same as years past. You can park your car at one of the locations near your home and ride the bus downtown, then you can ride it back at the end of the night. We like to have […]

Something Liquored This Way Comes

    The liquoring…  It’s coming. With the night air getting chillier, you know in your bones that Detroit Santarchy is not far off. Basically, this is the first post of the year.  If you have forgotten how it works because of some alcohol induced blackout from last year’s event, or if this is your […]

Bus Passes

If you are interested in riding one of the buses (instead of driving) from your area to the downtown starting point, Here’s the BUS PICK UP LIST for Detroit Santarchy 2015!!!  The actual participating Pub Crawl Bars will be announced the day of the event. Please RSVP to one of the bus events we have […]

Detroit Santarchy UBER Gift

Detroit Santarchy has an UBER gift for all of you Santa and Santa-ettes on December 19th, 2015.  If you have never used UBER, you can get your first ride for free, a value that is good up to $20.  Your UBER code to take advantage of this great deal, (for new users only,) is SANTARCHY2015. […]

Follow Us

Do you want to know when important info is posted on this site.  Then follow us on twitter.  When you see a tweet from Detroit Santarchy, just click on the link and you can find out what you need to know.  It’s easy, just go to: If you follow us on Twitter, you won’t […]