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All about the buses and the bus pass

All about the buses and the bus pass

santa on board

Come out a celebrate the Winter liquoring with us the Santa way.  This is a costume event.  Always has been and always will.  You can usually get a cheap Santa suit and the usual array of big box stores.  Or, you can be like some of the more creative types, who put the kind of time into a costume that you would expect for Theatre Bizarre.  The bottom line is wear a costume or no bus or bus pass for you.

A friendly reminder: If you are planning on going to Santarchy, but NOT buying a Santarchy pass, all bars will be charging a $10.00 cover.A Santarchy pass is only $20.00 and we hit more than two bars.

I’ll let you do the math.

Let us drive you to the event! As always we have a few satellite pickup locations for you Santa’s coming from the burbs.  Seating for this part is limited and on a first come first serve basis.  When the bus is sold out, you will need to find another way down to the Irish Gaelic League.  You will still be able to purchase a pass there, which will allow you to shuttle to the different bars.

Bus passes are $20 CASH ONLY and get you into every mystery bar. Passes go on sale at 6:00pm at each location. (First come first served, they are not sold prior to the event day and time listed above.)

You can park your car at one of the locations near your home and ride the bus downtown, then you can ride it back at the end of the night at 1:30am.

When do the buses leave:
Buses will depart from locations in the suburbs at 6:30pm to arrive at the Gaelic League by 7pm.

Returning Home:
All buses will depart the event to return you home at 1:30am. We encourage everyone that rides one, to return back to the Gaelic league by 1am. If you miss your bus, please have other arrangements to get back home. (Uber, Lyft)

Make secondary travel plans:
Seating is limited so it’s first come first served. If bus(es)are full please have other arrangements to get to the event. We do not send buses back out to the pickups after they leave.  But again, you can still purchase a pass at the Gaelic League which will shuttle you to the different bars.

Do not leave personal articles or alcohol on the buses. You will not be getting back on the same bus.

Here is the sattelite pickup schedule:

  • Ferndale – Revel Bar just inside the Rustbelt Market – 22801 Woodward Ave – 6:30pm departure.
  • Livonia – K of C Hall – 19801 Farmington Rd – 6:30pm departure
  • Dearborn – Biergarten – 22184 Michigan Ave – 6:30pm departure
  • Plymouth/Canton – Plymouth Roc – 1020 Ann Arbor Rd – 6:30pm departure
  • Southgate/Taylor – Mallies Bar – 19400 Northline Rd – 6:30 pm departure
  • Warren/Roseville – Johnny B Good’s – 26230 Groesbeck Hwy – 6:30pm departure
  • Wyandotte – Joe’s Hamburgers – 3041 Biddle Ave. – 6:30pm departure
  • Ypsilanti – Tap Room – 201 W. Michigan Ave – 6:30pm departure
  • Monroe bus to be determined…
And then there is 2018

And then there is 2018


Ho! Ho! Ho! Boys and girls…  Another year is going to be ending soon, which means there will be much Merriment.  And part of that merriment will include this year’s Detroit Santarchy.

Anyway… Here is what you need to know today.  Mostly because this is all Santa really knows himself:

  • This years date is December 22, 2018. 
  • There is not a pre-sale for passes.  They are only sold the night of the event.  But Don’t Panic!  The way the system works you don’t have to worry about getting completely shut out of the fun.
  • The final bar line up is not determined yet.  Santa’s still imbibing… er… checking his list twice on this one.
  • There will not be any more info until after Thanksgiving.
  • Stay tuned.  All info as it’s released will appear on this site.

That’s all for now.  Please return to your standard drinking procedure.

No Fisticuffs: Be on Your Good Behavior

No Fisticuffs: Be on Your Good Behavior

santas follow the rules

Let’s face it, lots of Santas mixed with alcohol and other pleasure enhancers can sometimes equal bad vibes and bad behavior.  The Detroit Santarchy has a good reputation.  Remember, we are guests at the establishments where we will be imbibing a drink or two.  Stay cool.  Stay friendly.  And most importantly, don’t be a Captain Bring Down by fighting or being a bad, ugly drunken Santa.

In some cities, this Santarchy is something that is feared by the local businesses.  But here in Detroit, especially here in the Corktown-Cass Corridore area where we will be, the drinking establishments look forward to Santa, because they know we are here for good cheer.

Rules for a Fun Night:

  • Be nice and make friends, this is not a contest to see who can be the most obnoxious idiot.  We’re here to relax and have fun.
  • If you are told no or to back off, don’t let alcohol cloud your judgement: be cool and back off.  Don’t obsess over something that won’t matter once you wake up in the morning.
  • If the pace of alcohol consumption is going too fast, slow down and have a bite to eat.
  • Listen to the bus drivers.  If a driver asks you to settle down, or to not smoke on the bus, do it.
  • Don’t ask the drivers to deviate from the route.  It’s very important for the drivers to stay on route and on time to keep the flow of Santas moving.  Deviating from the route messes up a system that works.  If you want to go somewhere that is off the route… that’s what Uber is for.


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Site Make Over

Site Make Over

santa claus is hitting the road

Okay… Alright… After a whole bunch of years, the site is getting a long overdue make over. Being Santa, with all the traditions and stuff, it was hard to break away from typing the code.  But, alas,I’ve finally relented, and we’re updating to a more modern looking site. Hopefully, you will find it easy to use and mobile friendly, which seems like a must now-a-days.

Take a spin and check things out.  The galleries have all been moved over to Santarchy Past.  If you have photos to share, check out our page: